The Popularity of Jazz Festivals

With its freedom to improvise, many musicians love to take the stage and perform jazz music. Their audiences are loyalists who will take any chance to see their favorite performers and hear the sounds they love. Jazz began in the United States, but it is a form of music that has taken the world by storm. There are a great many jazz festivals all over the world. Each year they grow in attendance as the children of jazz lovers are introduced to this unique form of music.

There are nearly as many definitions of jazz as there are performers and audience members. Each person has their own unique insight into the important elements of this genre. Some people like to point out the ease of ad lib performance. Others like to mention the importance of the beat within the music. Still, there are people who point out that it is not jazz unless it incorporates an element of swing. Each of these listeners and performers are correct because jazz encompasses all of these facets.

The beauty of jazz is that it is a music style that is still alive. It grows and changes on a daily basis. Even performers who have spent years in this genre find new ways to express themselves in this form of music such as the popular freestyle saxophone players of this generation. They continually find new elements to add, or a new beat to explore. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of jazz festivals. They offer audiences a chance to listen as performers continue to grow within their art form.

As long as there are audiences available, there will always be jazz festivals. This form of music has not run its course and continues to grow. Each year sees different forms as musicians continue their explorations with their own audiences and fellow artists. Discoveries are shared and enhanced even as they are changed. Audiences around the world contribute to this art by expressing their appreciation for pieces they love and disagreeing with understanding the pieces that do not come up to their standards. It is an interactive music form between band members and audiences that continues to draw crowds.